Be Careful Bearz...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ASusilovic, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Why tease and taunt people over something you have no control? Pretty stupid if you ask me. Just trade and leave the dead bear pics alone for awhile

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  2. Cocaine, I am posting just to have some fun...You guys are taking everything so damn serious....take it easy, relax, keep smiling, keep shining, keep cool...:D :D :D
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  3. I lied earlier. I'm actually up 32.5% in 8 trading days. *Stop moved down drastically (again)*

    Can't wait to see more "dead bear" pictures. Most amusing.
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  4. EPrado


    My man ya been?

    I think the bears are loving this BSC news tonight....Sp's down 9.50...BSC stock getting clipped tonight.
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  5. Oh no ASusilovic, You MISSED! Come get some.

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  6. It ain't the bearz that's in bullz is a runnin.....runnin to da' bull pen fraid of da comin storm!
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  7. I'm a day trader as most are on these forums. Grabbed a few points on the morning ER2 and then a lot more on the late afternnon slide. If it's the opposite tomorrow, I will then do the same thing.Plain and simple. Thats what a good day trader does. No bias, just profit.

    Bull and Bears thing is for old timers to talk about around the campfire while they smoke their pipes. I'm thinking you have a corn-cob special you bought at Walgreens.
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  8. dinoman


    Be careful everyone! I have been bullish on this market, but something is not RIGHT to me as of today!. I am not just referring to the markets either. There are other things happening as of late that are non-market specific that has put up my red flag for the first time in 11 years. Yes, a red flag that did not come up in the bubble, there are some serious financial issues occurring that we have not seen the slightest hint of. At this current time I am seeing atleast a 300 to 700 (DOW) point drop from our current levels. (and no not in a straight line) Insiders know whats going on, but no one has spilled the beans yet. I normally catch wind of these signs, but the lines are silent.

    Don't take my message as the sky is falling, just as a precautionary note.

    Something is definately wrong!
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  9. Um smarty its called a selloff. Profit taking. You're telling me that in you 11 years of playing the market youve never seen one before?
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  10. S&P down another 12+ points from the close Stock Trad3r, boy I am glad to be flat. Sleep so much better! Man, thats a 45+pt swing to the downside. How you feeling champ?

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