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  2. Thanks for posting the article but it's just the usual scaremongering using extreme examples.

    Next they'll be warning us of the dangers of crossing the road with our eyes shut! Aren't some things just plain common sense?

    Retail forex has more than it's fair share of inexperienced fast-buck-fools, which goes some way to explaining the bad rep shops get and the stats on losers:winners.

    What difference who gets the money, the broker or the market, they're going to lose it anyway.
  3. muahahahahahaha

    yes they just sit in a room and watch you lose in aggregate, wondering why they are getting paid and if their lives might not be better if they could sleep at night and not be glorified tech support that never sees the sun.

    then, when you win, the chief dealer yells and throws shit until you start losing again. wtf is his problem man...
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    This article only goes to prove that some journalists are extremely good at------------talking out of their arses. It was complete and utter bollox from start to finish.
  5. This is a well known FACT to anyone that understands the effects of over leveraging.

    In my opinion the Forex markets are no different then slot machines but hey lots of people enjoy playing slots. :p
  6. Nobody appears to be upset about the firms offering $500 intraday-margin on ES and other futures. You can blow up just as easily with them like with the 200:1 fx shops. Regardless of asset-class, there will always be firms catering to the ultra-high leverage punter-segment.
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    thats probably because you dont know how to trade
  8. Great! Do you have any slot machine strategies to increase the probability of winning? What's the leverage offered on slot machines nowadays, still 1:1? How about interest if I don't pull the handle for a couple of days, do they pay interest, kinda a 'slot carry'?

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    So here's a funny thing. I 'invest' in equities, buying a small cap in the Uk. The price is unusually tight - the spread is just 10%. I do it T+10, which gives me a level of leverage I can't actually work out. The stock moves, but the spread just gets wider and although it trades 15% higher than where I bought it, I can't out of my position. Nobody comments on what a shite and unfair market this is, but a well-respected journalist writing for a well-respected paper says that FX is crap, so we all believe him and continue to kid ourselves that equity is fair for all & sundry.

    Or perhaps we don't. FX is only a casino for those who treat it like it is. FX trading can also be precarious for idiots, which includes a lot of buy siders and retail Johnny Mug punters. For a lot of other people, it is a proper asset, which is transparent, easy to access and cheap to trade.

  10. Carry traders are in for a rude awakening soon and that's not really what we are talking about here. I have a good friend that does millions with min leverage in carry trades each month and he's lucky to get 1.5% returns.

    Why trade an unregulated market filled with crooks, when you can trade a regulated market and the crooks (for the most part) have to follow the rules with everyone else.
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