Be a better trader.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by uptik2000, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. This goes under the psychology threads for obvious reasons.
    Pick a cause. Local or not. Give what you can and your mind will open you up to bigger possibilities.

    Trade well.:cool:

  2. absolutely, uptik. as an added thought, one will be SURPRISED at the returns recd. by giving. SHOCKED may be a better word.

    thanks for the link.

  3. =====
    Interesting coporate sign Charity Guide has ;
    its five[5] hands together .:cool:

    Another strange thing about giving is that emotional giving is lacking compared to planned, wise giving.:cool:

    Emotional giving may also be undisciplined, strictly giving because one ''feels like it''

    Certainly not against heartfelt giving, which is emotional .:cool:
  4. I'm down for the Cha-Ri-Ty...