BDI is in a serious decline again

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  1. I know most do not trade on this site, or more like 99% do not.

    For those who do, have a look at the DBI index. This index is showing serious weakness. My clients in North America are saying "Goods" in Trasnsport have plumented. The only clients seeing serious movement in shipping "Goods" are in China and south East Asia.

    EU numbers are dropping like a rock.

    BDI is a leading indicator and points to a serious reversal near March/April for US Stock Markets. Reason, if Goods are not being moved, then companies are not making money. Even Service Companies will take a hit. Consumers are not spending and if Goods are not being shipped world wide, means manufactures will power down even more. Inventories are not being replenished at the current moment and turn around time in manufacturing is slowing.

    US has a very good chance of double dip if we do not see a reversal in the BDI in Jan/Feb.
  2. That term "double dip" should have been retired many months ago but I guess we can always count on some clueless permabear hoping for it no matter how unlikely it is.

    I shudder at thinking someone who has clearly ignored a vast number of strong economic indicators ( including manufacturing and consumer spending ) has clients.
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    Damn my fellow Chicagoan, you gonna let him get away with that or are you still loading the .30_06? :D

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    Coming from a guy who is in that 99%, rather hialrious.

    As far as your post? For trading purposes the info you posted above is absolutely useless.

    Stick to your "end of the world" and "the only ones left standing will be us in Cowshit, USA. " posts. At least there is a bit of entertainment value in those.

    You remind me of Jon Favreau's character in Swingers when the dope starts talking to the chick at the bar about what kind of car he's gonna buy......even though he owns a car worth about 200 bucks. You probably would have the same success he had.
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    He runs his HUGE PE biz out of his apartment. His 4 clients are his Dog, 2 goldfish, and the pizza guy he tries to scam 3 times a week.