BD that offers cheaper stock commissions than IB

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  1. In response to the endless amounts of threads and posts I see on ET from people complaining about IB's software problems, smart routing, $0.70 minimum commission, customer service etc. etc., followed by the statement that the only reason they keep their account with IB is because IB offers the cheapest commissions. Here is another BD that offers cheaper stock commissions than IB with only a $0.10 minimum commission per trade. Hopefully this will be a solution to the endless amounts of threads and posts from people complaining about IB!
  2. that is twice you felt compelled to tell everyone about them. You made your point.

    There are many brokers cheaper than IB. That doesn't mean they offer everything IB does. (Note" you don't need to respond to this to make one more pimp for your brokerage)

    Please don' move up to the spam level, just because you want to or already work there...
  3. Sounds good. Do you have an account with them or do you have any more information about them? Thanks for the post.
  4. TraderZones, calm down!! I posted the link in a thread created by someone complaing about IB and their smart routing. Then I decided to address all the other threads from people complaining about IB by creating this thread and hoped to help people by doing so. I don't think this comes anywhere near spamming.

    hoodooman, no I don't have my own account with them.
  5. $250 per month software fee if less than 200K shares traded.

    .0035 plus fees for first 300K shares is same as IB.

    $25 per month options software fee.

    Options $1 per contract plus exchange fees versus $0.70 plus exchange fees at IB.

    Overnight margin rate of 7% versus 3.46% (down to 2.46%) at IB.
  6. are you kidding me... way you state only the bad ways it compares. You forgot to mention the 0.001 for 1 mil Plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  7. what idiot is complaining about smart routing?

    if you don't like it , what stops them from routing direct?
  8. if you use an API, it cost 0.013 / sh
  9. The poster promoting it is only stating the good, so I get to state the bad.

    You need BOTH sides to make a true comparison.

    I didn't even state the biggie - no futures.

    I and many others are still waiting for a another brokerage to come along and really compete with IB. How come no one can copy IB and do it better?
  10. you are not very convincing.. At all!!!!
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