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    Fooled by Randomness:
    The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life
    by Nassim Nicholas Taleb...

    PS - This is in the spirit of Smurf's and Nitro's ideas that we may have discussions of some trading books...
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    i was looking into buying this book, and was wondering if it was worth it.
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    Very much so.

  4. So is the purpose of this post to initiate discussion on this book?
  5. I have browsed this book and read a couple of reviews on it. I am hoping to read it sometime soon as it seems very interesting. Just haven't quite been able to get my hand deep enough in my pocket yet!

    Seems like a good one to add to the library though. I am waiting till i can pick it up cheap some where. Recently picked up brand new copies of The Predictors and Confessions of a Street Addict for $5.00 a piece.

  6. Nice touch having the photograph of the cover!

    I think this thread goes nicely in the Resources forum
  7. excellent book. Written by an academic who understands the limitations of academic knowlege in application to trading. Routinely pisses off the "real" academics at major institutions by telling them they are full of crap.

    The main thrust of the book is that some superstars in many walks of life are really just lucky while the true talent avoids the limelight and quietly kicks ass consistently. He also explains "survivorship bias" which clouds our perceptions of who is talented and who isn't.

    One caveat; you should have some understanding of probability and statistics first, otherwise you could get lost and miss the main points of the book.
  8. it's a superb piece of work.
  9. There is a very interesting article from the April 22-29 New Yorker that profiles Taleb his hedge fund and relationship with Niederhoffer. It is a good read and makes a nice precursor to reading Taleb's book.

    Perhaps somebody could post a link to it, unfortunately I only have a hard copy.
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    you can find it on inet for free
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