BCS betting lines?

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  1. Can someone please post the BCS lines when they get listed.

    Thank you.
  2. Early lines-

    Alabama -4 (45)

    G. Tech -3.5 (51)

    TCU -4 (54)

    Florida -10.5 (62)

    Oregon -2 (50)


    I think Alabama gets bet up to 6+ by game time. Take the Horns on the money line!

    Iowa- G. Tech is an awful bowl game. The ACC and Big Ten get crushed every year in the BCS games. At least one of those crap conferences will get a BCS win this year.

    TCU-Boise should be fun to watch. I think TCU wins by 10+. It's a shame the BCS committee put them together. I guess they didn't want two non BCS teams to come out with wins, so they made them play each other.
    The NCAA basketball tourney does the same thing in the opening round now too. It spares the big money conferences the humiliation of getting steamrolled by the smaller schools. It's always all about the money. Big boys don't want to let the little guys have a chance.

    Florida won't come to play. They are completely demoralized after yesterday. I like Cincy.

    Ohio st. and the Big Ten are pathetic as usual. I always look forward to dropping bombs against the Big Ten every year and watch them get crushed. Oregon should run all over them.
    Why does the Big Ten even get an automatic BCS bid? They are a joke of a conference.
  3. They have TCU and Boise playing each other. This should be a great game, but it also shows how scared the BCS is of the outside conferences.

    What would have happened if TCU and Boise played others in the BCS and both won? How would they be able to exclude them in the future? If the BCS had any balls, TCU would be in New Orleans with Fla and Boise would be playing Iowa.
  4. scoresandodds.com

    Tcu Boise will be a great game, but there is quite a bit of grumbling that TCU should be playing in the national championship. Does anybody redmember the Boise bowl game against Oklahoma in 07 (I think??) The best game I'd ever seen, I was in LAs Vegas at the Imperial Dragon sportsbook and I bet a huge teaser on Boise and the over. The moneyline on that game was outrageous.
  5. I would take TCU at -9 in the Boise game.
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  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Big Ten = Worst major conference in college sports.
  8. Really? As of last December 15, 2008:

    9 times in the past 14 years that the league has sent two teams to the BCS The Big Ten is 11-7 in those games.

    In the 16 years since the Big Ten has expanded, the league has:

    3 unbeaten seasons and national titles (counting PSU 1994:) - only the Big XII matches.

    3 different schools to have won those titles

    8 different schools make BCS/pre-BCS equivalent bowls (only the Pac 10 matches that depth - the Big XII and SEC have each only gone six deep in BCS spots)

    A 6-4 mark in Rose Bowls that have matched the Pac 10 and Big Ten champions (and a 7-3 mark vs. the SEC in the past 10 Citrus Bowls)

    Finally, a look at league BCS (or pre-BCS equivalent) records in that span ...

    PENN STATE (3-0)
    WISCONSIN (3-0)
    OHIO STATE (5-3)
    MICHIGAN (2-3)
    IOWA (0-1)
    PURDUE (0-1)
    ILLINOIS (0-2)
  9. Nice job data mining. You should work for a mutual fund marketing department.

    Here's some RECENT cold hard facts about the shitty Big Ten (not from 15 years ago like you used)-

    1) The Big Ten went 1-6 in bowl games last year.

    2) The Big Ten went 3-5 in bowl games the previous year.

    3) Over the past six years, Big Ten members have gone a horrific 15-28 in bowl games.

    4) No Big Ten team has won the Rose Bowl since January 2000. Yes, ten freaking years since the Big Ten won the Rose Bowl!!!! The most recent Big Ten Rose Bowl games have not even been close. Last year Penn State lost by 14, the year before that Illinois lost by 32, and three years ago Michigan lost by 14.

    5) Since their last Rose bowl win in 2000, the Big Ten has lost by a combined score of 219-134.

    The Big Ten is AWFUL.
  10. The Big Ten "suffers" from home field disadvantage in that game. :cool:
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