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  1. Anyone follow/trade BBY...?

    An awful lot of option activity in 4/30 and 4/27.50 calls... for example over 5000 traded in 27 1/2s with OI only @ 580 starting the day if my figures are correct! 9000 traded in 4/30 calls; one block on AMEX of 8700 @ .90 with b/a of .80/1. These were not part of spreads.

    Earnings on Tuesday before open. They already reaffirmed; Then got a recent downgrade, and a prior upgrade with targets of 32/35 respectively.

    At the present time I'm still short BBY.... but just sold puts. Don't want to be short puts IF there is much more downside (now at its' 50 d EMA)

    ..... like a warning for Q1!

    Or to the contrary good news, with better weather in March.

    Also want to add BBY is nearing a 4-point TL on daily going back to Dec '02.

    Any opinions/comments/hunches?


    Ice :cool:
  2. bby sure looked heavy today. it dt in chunks at times. im short the 04 30 calls.
  3. heard that they will miss on sales estimate. NOT saying that they will, but that's the word.
  4. Thanks...

    I think that means go long...


    Hmmm... what to do?

    Ice :ccol: