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Discussion in 'Journals' started by BigBriQuaker, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. I have begun paper trading and will log all transactions on a new site I have created. I am doing this to see if it will be worth my while to open a trading account in the future. This simulation will help me decide.

    I am trying to follow the methods outlined by Jack Hershey along with the experience I have gathered watching (and briefly trading) equities since early 2000.

    Please feel free to visit my site:

    Comments in this thread are welcome and appreciated.

    Note, I actually started paper trading on Monday (3/17/2003), I have just now gotten the site to a state where I am not completely embarased for others to see the site. I am not HTML expert to be sure!
  2. are you saying you actually have Jackerese-to-English translation skills? O well it'll be fun to see how you do, anyhow.
  3. I have just updated the Method section of the site that give the general overview of what Jack's method (As I understand it) is for making money trading stocks.

    Maybe this will help you with the comprehension problem. Of course if you are just looking for the holy grail formula, or a bunch of rules for getting into a stock, well, that stuff is covered as well.

    It surely seems that Jack is a hot topic as of late.

    Additionally I have updated the stocks I have been in and added another commentary for the trading day.

    Again, I welcome any comments.
  4. Site is updated with a retrospective of the three trades I made last week.

    Amazing, I can be down for a week that saw unprecidented movement in the NYSE and Nasdaq.

    Again, I invite comments.