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    I want to write about BP, and how to play it.

    Dear Governement of the USA,

    You are needed in this case. In fact, this is too big for the market to be handle internally ( so the extended )...

    The only way to make really pay the shareholders of BP is to freeze the sales of BP shares, bonds and co date of the accident. I mean that if the market can sale the shares of the company after the accident it means that the market will have take the profit and not bear the cost of its actions.

    So please, NEVER implement a BAN ON NAKED SHORT SELLING...

    BUT Implement this rulez :

    In case of major accident, instore a ban on selling the shares, bonds and co of the company involved ( retroactive if necessary )

    Then, when the accident fallouts are fully cleaned, cost repayed, reopen trading....

    I let yourself figure out the positive outcomes of this law...

    Reinstore responsability... and the market will adapt.

    Concerning the gov of England... Show them your middle fingers. If they try to support this company, ban them from the US. Embargo and co. They tried once in the past to destroy the ideal of freedom, peace and prosperity that was the US...


    Best regards,
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    ...Enough is Enough...
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