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  1. /_\Sheeps only eat /_\

    Dear Dark Lords,

    Today after reading this article on bloomberg.com ( http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=aQPm3qhHbo78 ), I realized that Monsanto ( MON; ~ 71.5$ ) is the ideal candidate for the BBP, or Buy Back Program.

    This BBP consists of an idea that the Market has the capacity to clean itself, without the intervention of the State. In fact we know that certain companies deserve to perish. They are, in my opinion, the prime targets for death shorting, meaning the total collapse of the shares of these companies, may they be hiding bankruptcies, unable to evolve, representing a treath to health, national security or the natural environment...

    From the article above I will quote a few attractives sentences :

    LoL, I mean... there were people stupid enough to trust that killing all the weed in a field with a chemical molecule was safe ? They didn't thaught that the molecule was going in the ground... and then enter the water cycle? Oh yes, they will say that the chemical molecule that can kill all vegetal life in a field will decay over time and become safe... You should read the story of the invention of Roundup to act better in the BBP...

    Here is the real weakness of the company both in term of legal attacks and natural environment risks.

    Yeah ! the wheel of time in action... when will this story go crazy and become a nightmare ? In which generation will the problem occur ? The longer the delay the hazardous will be the results...

    I got them. Sukers, they are so weak... So here is there secret plan... hahaha... They know how dangerous there business is... That's why they want to open the "genetical plateform" they use for their seeds... So they will be able to say that it isn't their fault when the problem occurs, but the fault of the small company who did a bad introduction to the gene pool ( giant class action risks )... Another proof of their weakness... If they survive the price will be the thousand of year of work by real farmer, trying to improve their seed, to make them match perfectly their locals conditions, gone...


    This could be a case study of the beneficial impact that the practice of hardcore shorting can have on the society as a whole. An opportunity much more worth than any economic consideration relative to the wheel being of the share/stake holder of Monsanto.

    Dear Dark Lords, may your judgment guide you.

    /_\ what they can take /_\
  2. Human inventions... are doomed to failed, once upon a time... The only question is how big will be the fallout...

  3. but would you eat what has been feeded with this food ?

    Secondly I would add that the bees population collapse can be traced to the massive introduction of this kind of crop...

    Because some of you don't know this :

    The plants in the morning sweet... yes the condensation that is often present in the morning on the leaf will be charged with poison produced by the plants... then with the sun getting hotter this will evaporate into a deadly mist for bees...
  4. pookie


    It will be my dream come true for Monsanto to go under. I truly despise that company. It very much deserves to die.
  5. Konkest of Europe

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    ( I am really curious to know how is going the life of the guy in the first seconds... )

    from this : http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704518904575364700243251906.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

    "A bloc of countries, led by Greece, France, Austria and Hungary, have long opposed allowing the cultivation of GMO plants or even their importation into the EU, while other countries such as the U.K. and the Netherlands have favored their use.

    One biotech crop, an anti-pest strain of maize developed by Monsanto Co., is already cultivated on EU soil, and 30 other GMOs have been approved for import in food and animal-feed usage. The EU has also approved a starch potato, called Amflora and developed by Germany's BASF SE."

    UK NL ( kings... ) Vs FR GR AA HY ( ^^ )

    BASF... again... always ? Why ?

    ANYWAY... you fool... you can't undersand the value of Diversity...D as in Democracy, or as in Divine. But as you choose to move forward in your own backyard you will face Defeat.

    oh, btw, I don't know when and how it will happen but I wish you could go backward and stop it, for you and for me, because I don't like to see Devastation.

    ohh before I forget... this time I don't speak about chips, the stacks are really high and it's all'in.

    And I hope that the mind of everyone can agree that the risk that dramatically low probability ultra high impact event can happen... even more in human build system... The question is : if the system collapse could we live in the aftermath ?


    at least here it's always possible to press reset !
  6. From this article : http://www.infowars.com/monsanto-the-worlds-poster-child-for-corporate-manipulation-and-deceit/

    This exactly how I would describe the behavior of the people composing this corporation (shareholders,employees,supporters...)... let's continue...

    Fine, you didn't realize the stakes are real... as in Reality.

    Dear Mothers of America,

    I am really sorry to have this message but in a sense it's too fat. I think due to the behavior of certains of your mans the situation is getting really serious. You will think that I am writting to warn you about the danger of what your husbands are inflicting to the environnement that will feed your child... As love will always win I hope that you can still reverse the situation. It will take an outrageous ammount of courage, perseverance and an ultra high velocity behavior ( Proper Education Always Correct Errors ).
    What I am really asking how in the world did you allow these shites to happen ? What did happen ? How is it possible that you didn't see what's going on ? I hope that now you start to realize that it's not an economic crisis that you face... the dawn of shadows... more something like it...
    Afterall you pay the price of the irresponsability... homework have to be done...

    So now the question is do you have the will to change that ? W8 and See

    Sadly... that's the fundamental of my message... it was just the tip of the Iceberg /\ :)

    The American Empire Exposed naked in 15m This is a piece of Art ! GO WE THE PEOPLE !!!

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    Franckly mother of america, congrats !!! At least "drugs" are illegal and I can't drink a beer outside... Go back to your hair... your child is safe.

    Bravo !

    So now Peace and :