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  1. I got in @ 4.26 (after seeing it was support), if it breaks above 4.45 i think it could go up to 4.8/9. Hopefully it will close near 4.45 and tomorrow it will move much higher. 10.4 days to cover .
    If it doesn't break above that it could be a head and shoulder formation.
  2. Fix.
    When it crosses 4.55 it will rally to $5. I sold my shares today, will wait for it to cross 4.55, just in case it doesn't i already locked in my profits.
  3. Perfect Close. BBI will have a big day monday!
  4. Am i the only one playing this sock?
    W/E. It's @ 4.6 right now, will be in the 4.8's tomorrow or today. Target is 4.9/5
  5. spoonie


    Looks like a good play -

    The gap up never filled in - should continue on its trend up -
  6. BBI looks interesting... I hate picking bottoms so i have no position yet... But look at the hammer forming on high volume,,,, This thing has gotten S M O K E D in the last few weeks... may be good for atleast a dead cat bounce