BBG - Stocks Quants Are Reeling From the Worst Run in 8 Years

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by truetype, Jul 11, 2018.

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  3. David Goodboy... he bought several of my computers over 2 of my system upgrades.

  4. LOL, is this a joke? Or is that guy really popular or something? I saw only 11 reviews of his book you linked, so I'll assume the former. :)
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  5. This is not unexpected. If one of the best human value investors like David Einhorn is suffering from a multi-year bad performance, I would expect machines employing the same strategy to do just as badly.
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    This is the only industry where there is little correlation between a firm's collective brainpower and its ability to produce value for the customer. 2-Sigma for example has 200 PHd's and all they have mustered over the past couple of years is flat to negative performance. Think of all the good those 200 PHd's could have done in a field such as scientific research instead of wasting their lives on some worthless quant research.
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    Good points /rebuke, R1234. Something funny , but plenty of truth in it- ''as they say in Chicago , the smarter you are, the longer it takes'' LOL.

    This last comment may not include 2-Sigma. But with the exception of Carl Ichan + a few others, value investing tends to really lag growth stocks.............................................. IBD runs charts frequently ,proving that- not a prediction.:cool::cool:
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    In that case I am the next Einstein. :p
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    I seldom lose twice on a single stock, like SUPV or GOOG, even though its not a rule. Usually can find something better. Good volume since we got out[SUPV,GOOG].LOL. I would never trade/ invest in something like FB, or GOOG-with QQQ doing almost as well .GOOG price mostly ignored the 5 billion fine [dollars or euros,LOL??], but they could have knocked it down much more........
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    Thanks for the tips. I went back and compare QQQ with GOOGL, my goodness you are right! Actually QQQ is better:
    I have to rethink my strategy.
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