BBC WTC7 smoking gun... BBC jumps gun on reporting WTC7 collapse@!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ratboy88, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. how would someone only have discovered this happened 6 years later?
  2. good question.... thats why i ask people to investigate this. if it is fake, then we need to know.
  3. I thought you left for good?

    Oh well, guess you needed yor "fix".

    And the article just shows how incompetant the British press is. Remember their press is about as responsible as The National Enquirer is here.

    IOW - no story here....
  4. yes... i wouldnt have come back... but this appears to be an important clip. I made my point as far as the departure is concerned.

    incompetent is one thing but the BBC is PSYCHIC!!!!!!! if it is fake then that is one hell of a good job. if it is legit.. it is the smoking gun of media complicity.
  5. Well then, I would suggest you go to Research 911 and inform them of your scoop of the millenium......

    But of course, since they're one of the more responsible CT sites around, it wouldn't get any traction, since it's just silly.
  6. hey... i will let you brilliant pancakers do the debunking since you parrot the fake non existant nist/fema explanation for the collapses.

    but, like i said... if this is fake i want to know. all i want is the truth, i know that seems odd to you.
  7. Like I said, go tell 911 Research, and see where it goes. They have more resources to investigate this piece a lot more than you or I do.

    Let us all know how you do - LMAO.....

    And the truth? Like I said - perhaps they're just incompetant. There IS the possibility of that being the truth, right?
  8. incompetent because they leaked the story too soon? thats like reporting kennedy was shot before his little ride through dealy plaza. i am shocked you dont see the ignorance of the statement you are making. HOW DID THEY KNOWWWWWWWWW??????? i dont know the site you refer to... send the link and let them go to it. if it is fake then i want to know.

    It doesn't surprise me that you don't know about 911 Research. They're probably the only CT site that I have any respect for, and the only one that I've seen that has shown ANY responsible reporting.

    How did they know what? Again, you're simply confused - the dumb broad was wrong about WTC7 fallen at the time. Not hard to believe if you just look at the picture, and realize that she appears to be across the river....
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