BBC: Israel warns of Gaza 'holocaust'

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  1. They would know! Never again...unless you are a palestinian.

    For FIFTY YEAR Israel soldiers have been brutalizing and terrorising them.

    Collective punishment anyone?

    ""The more [rocket] fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they (the Palestinians) will bring upon themselves a bigger holocaust because we will use all our might to defend ourselves," Matan Vilnai told Israeli army radio.

    Brave Israeli soldiers, genociding civillians, I guess "god" approves of it. When will we stands up to these fanatics?

    They are the #1 threat to our freedom and peace.


    Israel air strikes pounded targets in Gaza for a second night"


    Israel warns of Gaza 'holocaust'

    Israel air strikes pounded targets in Gaza for a second night
    Israeli leaders are warning of an imminent conflagration in Gaza after Palestinian militants aimed rockets at the southern city of Ashkelon.
    The deputy defence minister said the stepped-up rocket fire would trigger what he called a "bigger holocaust" in the Hamas-controlled coastal strip.

    Israeli air strikes have killed about 30 Palestinians, including six children in the past two days.

    Israel has activated its early warning system in Ashkelon for the first time.
  2. Israeli leaders, have said for some time, stop fucking shooting rockets at us, and then we can talk.
    Just fucking stop firing rockets into israel. Its just not that difficult.

    Thats a summary, but you get the drift.
  3. Roni Yihye, who was killed in a Kassam rocket attack on the college the previous day, was buried in Moshav Bit'ha, near Ofakim, on Thursday afternoon. The 47-year-old was killed by shrapnel from a rocket that landed in the college's parking lot. Yihye, a father of four, was a career soldier studying logistics at the college.

    As a result of the incessant Kassam fire, there was an extremely low turnout in western Negev schools Thursday, with only 60 percent of pupils attending classes.

    17 people were sent into shock a Grad rocket hit a house in Ashkelon. Hours later, a 17-year-old girl was lightly wounded and several others suffered from shock when two more rockets fell in the center and southern parts of the city.

    Meanwhile, a 70-year-old woman was lightly wounded and 14 people were sent into shock as Kassam rockets continued to hit Sderot.

    A factory and several cars were damaged in the latest rocket attack on the town, which came as Education Minister Yuli Tamir was visiting Sapir College with President Shimon Peres. Earlier Thursday, one of Public Security Minister Avi Dichter's security guards was wounded when a Kassam landed at the entrance to the college, where the minister was paying a visit.
  4. Arab editor blames Hamas for Gaza crisis

    Abdel Rahman Rashed, a Saudi national serving as general manager of the pan-Arab Arabiya news channel, said Hamas was responsible for the suffering of some 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

    "Hamas committed a stupid act when it gave the Israelis an excuse to launch attacks in retaliation for a few antique rockets," Rashed wrote in the London-based daily Asharq Al- Awsat.

    "Prior to that, Hamas committed a big crime against the Palestinian people by overthrowing the Palestinian Authority [in the Gaza Strip]. The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have suffered a lot because of Hamas's actions. Hamas is bringing Israel back into the Gaza Strip after it was liberated by the Palestinian groups."

    Rashed is regarded by many Arab journalists as an unofficial spokesman for the Saudi royal family. He previously served as editor-in-chief of the Saudi-owned Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper and his writings regularly reflect the views of the Saudi establishment.

    PA officials in Ramallah have joined the bandwagon by blaming Hamas for the looming humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The charges came only hours after the PA openly held Israel responsible for the fuel shortage that has plunged large parts of the Gaza Strip into darkness since Sunday night.

    PA Information Minister Riad al-Malki said the latest crisis was the result of Hamas's "insistence on creating an Islamic republic in the Gaza Strip." He also accused Hamas of seeking to evade responsibility for the deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip by blaming the Ramallah-based government of PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad.

    LOL, the Arabs blame Hamas, the idiots like TT2 and Wael blame Israel.
  5. I 1000% agree!! NO israeli needs to live under the threat of rockets.

    By the same token, why is Israel using collective punishment on them on a mass an nenver-ending scale?

    Would YOU fight back if you have been blockaded, sanctioned for FIFTY years and have your residential areas destroyed?

    Do me a favor, look up the textbook definition of collective punishment and see if it fits what Israel does. Withholding food and hydro to innocent civillians. What would you do if this happened in your town? Would you flight back? This clearly david vs. goliath.

    Tell me, if Israel is so great they've had FIFTY years to take the upper hand and liberate and help palestine. Afgter all, bush says they are a democracy. But since their truly believe that arabs are worthless bugs, they're gonna keep pounding them.
  6. Let's face it, to deny reality would only create insanity.

    Israeli's from young children are raised to think that arabs are worthless. Therefore they laugh with glee while sniping young kinds and razing apartment blocks (as they did in Lebannon).

    all supported by "donations" of US military hardware.

    "brave" americans cry and boo-hoo over 2 buildings and 3000 people knocked down.

    Care to guess how many innocents were killed in Lebanon and Gaza over the last 50 years?
    These people are very strong to continue living under this threat.

    The media, and the history books, are written by the conquers.
  7. They are blockaded because they attack Israel, not the other way around. Even an idiot like you knows that if the blockade is lifted the attacks against Israel will not stop, they will in fact intensify as Hamas will use the opportunity to get more/better weapons and rockets, not more food for the population.

    They are no longer occupied by Israel so this does not qualify as collective punishment. Israel owes them nothing, they can and should get it all from Egypt.
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    Go right ahead, and blast each other to pieces.

    When Hussein Obama comes to power, America will no longer fight or spend another penny for Israel.

    America is broke as is right now, thanks to AIPAC for dragging US into this trillion dollar war.
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