Bay area groups, and Albuquerque ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. I want to plan my trip to Northern California, have a couple of "meet and greets" (thanks to those who requested)...please let me know of any groups, firms, organizers, etc. to help me plan venues, etc.

    Also, I am visiting Albuquerque in early December...are there any groups there by chance?

    Similar format to this:

    Thinking January for NoCal.

    PM or email to:

    You guys may want to read this propaganda as well..LOL. Blatant (truthful) self promotion, so please keep the flaming to a low roar, lol...many in the industry have come over to trading from other segments of the financial services sector.

  2. Just bumping up....Back during my last jaunts, I had several who were chatting up a NoCal event....and even shared a couple of posible locations. I'm not sure I saved the info, LOL...maybe kick back in.

    Also, just checking to see if there are any trading groups or traders in Albuquerque??