Bay Area food-delivery service exploring an IPO this year

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    Bay Area food-delivery service exploring an IPO this year
    Bay Area organic food delivery service Sun Basket has hired banks for an IPO that could come in the second half of the year. The preparations come amid a boom in meal-kit delivery companies, which deliver ingredients and accompanying recipes to subscribers' doorsteps. The IPO could value the company between$500 million and $1 billion, sources said.(Reuters)
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    Webvan 2.0
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    It amazes me (on the other hand, I guess it doesn't) that we've come to this point. Rather than having individuals figure out how to make their own meals (i.e. actually learning something new and being self-sufficient), we instead make kits with quaint little instructions and pre-divided ingredients so they can just add things together and feel like they "made" something.
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  4. Everything is becoming automated--- within 50 years, grocery stores will not exist.
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    Its funny you say that... I just saw a commercial last night... Omaha Steaks is shipping out per-prepared crock-pot dinners. $99.99 for 4.... Includes a free (list price $39.99) crock pot.

    How friggin lazy does one have to be to buy some crock pot dinners?!
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  6. Our ancestors said how frigging lazy does someone have to be to buy meat and produce at a grocer? Heck, you can plant and kill meat on your own!


    My extremely prescient VC partner says soon there will be nothing but huge warehouses with food inaccessible to the public, with home delivery for everything---
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    You're probably right Surf.
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    If you subtract the price of the crock pot that's like 60$. Who the hell cant slow cook some steak for four for less than 20$? Ridiculous stuff. Anyway I checked it out and it looks like it's 4 meals plus a steak meal so it's not as horrible as it sounded but throwing meat in a crock pot is about as easy as it gets.

    The typical claim is almost always "I never have enough time" which is pretty much bullshit for most people.
  9. everything you say is utter bullshit, just like your trades :finger:
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    Grocery delivery startup Instacart raises $200M
    Grocery delivery service Instacart has raised $200 million in fresh funding, the company said, boosting its valuation and providing new resources for the startup to compete against heavyweight Inc. Instacart, a San Francisco-based company that shops for and delivers groceries from about 200 retailers including Target Corp and Costco Wholesale Corp, said the new funding values the company at about $4.2 billion.(Reuters)
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