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  1. Any body familiar with Baxter FX - -

    I am trying to understand their structure.

    It seems to be an electronic way of trading EFPs (Exchange for Physical)..but I am not sure.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

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  3. "Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland." :D

  5. Any Ideas??
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    Baxter FX is a multibank platform for spot, I'm a prop trader and I've been using it for over 2 years now, no complaints, tight prices, usually 1 tick or choice, platform is the most user-friendly I've found....and the currencydealing pages is their old site, new website is
  7. I'm curious particularly about their EFP process with FINEX for the cross rates. Can you shed light on this?
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    Not too sure, I think Baxter is a registered pit broker on FINEX, I only trade the spot on their platform but they also stream executable FINEX quotes...I think they can even roll spot to futures and post the trade on FINEX....the guy I deal with there is Andrew, if you want call him and mention my name, John from Higtrade...number for Baxter's dealing desk is +353 1 670 0455
  9. Many Thanks, Sir! I'll investigate.

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    no prob
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