Battle over oil: Pelosi just opened the door to Bush Impeachment

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  1. Pelosi sure is a f-ing bitch.
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    You left out butt ugly, dumb ass, shit for brains, power hungry, moonbat and hypocritical...
  3. Lucrum


    More distractions and excuses for congress not to have to DO anything useful.
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    I love it:D
  5. Presidential accountability?

    You got that right. But I think you may be looking in the wrong direction.
  6. Democrats were peeved because Clinton got impeached for drilling an intern.

    Now they want to impeach Bush for drilling for oil.

    Such a vengeful bunch.
  7. You appear to have little or no sense of context. Let's put aside the implied tit-for-tat, as that's neither here nor there. And let me state clearly that I am not at all a fan of adultery. However, let us try not to compare a game of grab-ass in the White House with the death and destruction of thousands of lives for reasons that do not hold up under reasonable scrutiny. Surely you have greater regard for your country than that.
  8. Bring it on.

    Actually, I think Bush should be impeached. For willfully failing to exercise his responsibility to protect our borders. Of course, I also would like to see at least five Supreme Court justices impeached.
  9. C'mon, Clinton wasn't impeached for playing grab ass.

    He was impeached for lying to court officials while investigating an accusation of raping one of his staff.
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