Battle of the 49's Dell U4919DW vs. Samsung CRG9?

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  1. Which of these 2 49'' 1440p monitors make for a better trading monitor? The Samsung has more mixed reviews (terrible reviews on their Website, but 4.4/5.0 over a much larger sample size on Amazon). It is currently selling for $1200. The Dell is slightly more expensive and currently sold out on their website. I would probably have to get it for $100 more so $1350 unless I want it backordered until who knows when. It has 4.5/5.0 stars on Amazon with a smaller sample size than Samsung and is also highly reviewed on its Website. The Dell refreshes at 60 Hz and the Samsung at 120 Hz, but I'm not sure this matters that much for trading. I believe the Samsung is more curved while the Dell is a bit flatter. I'm not a name-brand snob and there are cheaper highly reviewed options available w/3 year warranties (Viotek, AOC, etc), but if you look closely at the bottom their sound bars are sticking out which is unacceptable to me, because I'm going to dual stack them like this:
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  2. They both get knocked out by the 38" 1600p Dell.;)
  3. bump! I want a new big monitor soon!
  4. I think I'm going to go with the Samsung 1800R. The Dell seems too flat. What I really want is a 5120x2880 54'' which would be quad 27's in 1800R. Too bad it doesn't exist.
  5. @kmgilroy89

    I can confirm that the Dell is virtually flat, i.e., the curvature is so small that it's virtually not significant. It's not something that bothers me, though. In fact I prefer it like that.

    I bought the Dell 49" as I have it hooked up to a laptop and hooking up multiple monitors would require more cables and possibly a docking station. To me this is a huge advantage, but if I were building a dedicated home office with a stationary laptop it's possible I would have preferred multiple single monitors instead.

    Regarding the refresh rate - I've seen some claims that a higher refresh rate is more friendly on the eyes, but I'm no expert. I have had some eye strain issues, but I suspect that's unavoidable when you spend a lot of time at the computer.
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    I've had the Samsung C49J890DKN for about 6 months and very happy with it. It's a 49 inch super ultra-wide 3840x1080 144Hz but I don't mind the lower res, my eyes are not that good anymore

    What sold me was 1 single USB-C gets everything done, no other cables

    Power delivery to the laptop, display out, built-in speaker on the monitor, USB hub for keyboard and mouse and a usb webcam webcam (which I keep disconnected for privacy/security) laptop lid is always closed

    This was great until I upgraded to an AMD Ryzen 9 4900 laptop a couple of months ago, the USB-C 65W power delivery was supposed to be sufficient to charge the laptop, but if I put any load, the monitor starts to flicker so I just use the other USB-C 15W Power delivery and still have to use the laptop charger, but everything else works (display out, speaker, usb hub)