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  1. Kutty


    whats with this new ecn on NYSE?

    this damn market deteriorates by the day
  2. BATS=...cancel if close........... what a FA$^ing joke
  3. bats sucks on limts. the market must move right threw you to get a fill. i used some last month to capture the increased rebate for the month. now with that gone i'd never use.
  4. Robillard


    BATS managed to capture over 10% of the trading volume on NASDAQ-listed securities in January, so now they are trying to muscle in on the trade in NYSE and regional listings. Today, BATS traded 9 million shares of NYSE-listed securities. It's not much, but they have to start somewhere.

    Also, on a stock I was trading today, I saw BATS getting hit before limit orders on other ECNs posted earlier, so to say that you can only get hit on a level break is a lie.
  5. Lucre


    anyone know where, or if, market share (daily, weekly or monthly) for listed & otc stocks is published?
    nasdaq used to publish this when arca & isld were each about 25%.
  6. Robillard