BATS IPO crash

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  1. OMIGOSH - BATS actually caused this imbalance....this just from CNBC.

    This is likely due to their POOR QUALITY SOFTWARE from cheap INDIAN OUTSOURCING.

    What a story !!! They have now PAID THE PRICE. BATS is dead...who could trust them ???

    Mariott Corporation did the same thing with a similar disasterous outcome:

    Everyone loves software outsourcing, but BOTTOMLINE:
    The quality really, REALLY SUCKS !
  2. yeah i had to use EDGX today
  3. I'll be sure not to make these mistakes when my stock exchange opens.

    Basically BATS is in Beta.
  4. This story has to be a lie.

    Mary Schapiro fixed everything after the last Flash Crash.

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    Why don't you throw in a trip to Jupiter and finding a cure for cancer while you're at it.
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    It went batshit!! :p
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