Batman trys spreadbetting

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  1. spread betting is probably the most difficult game. but given the leverage I like to try it out.

    as a simple try to see if it is possible to make money from spread betting I have opened a account with £150. my aim is to make £1000 by end of November. this is just a play, but with real money, be it really small amount. but don't laugh if I lose it all!

    I will post all my trades at the time of trading.

    1st trade: short FTSE 100 @ 6424.4.. Have placed £1 a point.
  2. who are you with?
  3. Trade1 closed (12:08GMT) @ 6394.0, PnL +30.40 (20%), net cash 180.40.
  4. man


    excuse my dumbness, what is spread betting? trading spreads? by
    being outright short one instrument?
  5. easy2spreadbet
  6. it's betting on movement on the spread on a single instrument.. u can ofcourse mix n match.. i.e. hedge across two instruments etc..
  7. FTSE looks weak, re-entered short @6387 (12:14GMT) at 0.50 per point
  8. man


    still do not get it. what is the movement on the spread on a single
    instrument? bid ask spread? different calendar months? spread to
    what? or is it just a name you use for short term trading in general?
  9. Spread betting is the most dangerous crazy way to trade.. illegal in many countries.. its the most geared derivative instruement..

    when you enter a spread bet you bet a notional per points movement.. e.g. on FTSE its 0001.0 per movement. on GBPUSD fx its 0.0001 per point. you can place any value per point.. e.g. £1, or $500..
  10. closed at 6382, PnL = -3.5
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