"Bastards of the Party" documentary

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  1. To anyone who has HBO on Demand.

    This is a very interesting documentary. I think the economic aspects of it are quite fascinating. It really makes you wonder about the future.

    The trends of CXW, CRN, GEO, etc. are quite steady.
  2. maxpi


    A most interesting piece of history indeed. Personally I think that there are so many parties with vested interests in the status quo in the Black community that it will remain the same for decades.
  3. The prisons have actually been targeting latinos as of late. They don't discriminate based on race. Just whoever is the easiest target.

    It may very well become that if a person does not have a place in the new USA economy, he/she will be pursued as another number filler in the human storage facilities.

    On another interesting note, the same "war" that the LA scum P.D. was acting out back in 1980-1990s is being exercised in Baltimore right now. Arrests & jailings at record rates. Just filling up the prisons & lining up the pockets of the corporations. Fascist Rudy did the same in NYC during his term as mayor.