Basket Trading

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  1. Because, those might not be the "baskets" for which he is looking.
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  2. there are as many kinds of baskets as there are people. if you are talking about index arbitrage then it is a specific basket of stocks. there are spreads or pairs that some call baskets. we execute numerous baskets and have this technology at great rates for those that use our proprietary system simplicity. if you want to learn more pm me.
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  3. So basket orders could be called OTA (One Transmits All)

    the reverse of OCA (One Cancels All)

    And I suppose Conditional orders could be sent in a basket, or sent separately, but generally having baskets for transmitting Conditional orders would be quite convenient.

    I'd actually want them to be Basket and OCA.

    Thanks for the help!
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  4. lescor


    To me, a basket order is when you transmit orders for a pre-set group of stocks all at once. Sterling can't do this.
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  5. lescor, You can do this with Sterling thru its Active X connection. I've done oo orders, enveloping orders using a little Vb and with Excel.

    PM me if you want to know more.
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  6. lescor


    Yeah, i know you can program things through the api interface (didn't know about active x). But you still need a seperate platform to send orders through sterling. I was talking about basket trading as a feature within sterling. I've requested it as a feature to add on a few occasions.
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