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    i was just wondering if anyone has any information on basket orders. Don't really know a lot about it and would like to know were i can find some information about it. Any information would be appreciated.

  2. I've used them on IB a few times. A basket order allows you to quickly send one order for multiple securities.

    Say I create a basket of stocks called 'Techs' and I'd put the follow tickers in that basket:

    Depending on how it's setup I'd say 'Buy 100 of the basket' and it would purchase 100 shares of each (aapl, sndk, erts and brcm). Or you could partition it to buy 25 of each.

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    A basket batches and sends multiple orders at once. You can use it for things like scalping an entire sector at once, index arbitrage or just firing off 100's of orders with one click.
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    what is the difference between having a basket page and sending all orders on a monitor page.