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Discussion in 'Trading' started by solid, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. solid


    anyone have ideas for baskets for the 2 following scenarios?
    1) we catch bin landen/hussien (do they differ?)
    2) another terrorist attack
  2. Give the Pentagon a call, they might have some leftover literature you could use.
  3. ??? what does that mean exactly?

    I have the following in my should terror strike while I happen to be trading basket.

    DRS, LLL, INVN, ATK and NEM. Also TLT which is an ishares for the bonds.
  4. Remember 2-3 weeks ago when the Pentagon was going to start tradng those futures on terrorism? There is a thread around here somewhere. And then the plan was scrapped. The gov't archives everything, so I bet there is some literature describing the proposed commodities and/ or stocks for their product.

    However, your basket looks pretty good too.
  5. solid


    yes, that was what i was talking about. those stocks make sense to me. do you have any short ideas?