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  1. Is there a way to chart a basket of stocks as a single unit?

    So for example you have four stocks, IBM, DELL, GE, GOOG, is there a way to merge the data and produce a single chart?

    I believe it would be interesting to run studies on those combined charts.
  2. You can do that in QuoteTracker by creating a portfolio with the symbols in question. Specify either a fixed # of shares or varying # of shares owned for each symbol (if you want to weigh each symbol differently). QT will then show a total line for the portfolio. You can double click on that to show the chart for the total:
  3. Thanks for your reply.

    Quotetracker, interesting free product.

    I use tradestation, which i believe is not supported. For initial testing are there any free even delayed intraday data providers that would support your platform?
  4. Hi J'

    what is the limit to the number of symbols that can be followed...

    can you work a formula on the sum of the symbols too... so that formula value is charted instead of the portfolio sum value...




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  5. bearmountain - there are a few delayed sources, but they are not very good. For example, you can use Scottrade for free streaming quotes with QuoteTracker. register for free at (You do not need to be a client. Just need a US address). Once registered, just select "SCOTTRADE STREAMING (Delayed)" as the site to get the quotes from.

    A number of subscription sources have a free trial. IQFeed for example has 14 days: ($20/month base fee for QT clients)

    EdgeHunter - max # of symbols that can be tracked is dependent on the datafeed you use. Most are at least 80, and can go up to 1300 or so.

    As for formula, you cannot do that at this time. You can assign different # of shares in the portfolio though to vary individual stock weight for the final total
  6. J'

    what is the time interval update on the basket portfolio... every X seconds...

    what would x be and is it variable as in can i set it to be 2 seconds or 10 seconds or...?

  7. its sub-second. Do not remember exact value
  8. ecritt


    I believe has the ability to do this (maybe via an add-on tool). Also, fasttrack can properly adjust for cash dividends, so the 'single unit' result won't contain hopelessly flawed data.