basics for CL trading

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    I am working to back test and implement auto strategies for CL future intraday trading.

    I would appreciate if some one could give me the basics for CL trading:

    1/trading hours
    2/dollar value per tick
    3/some particular times to avoid trading? like FOMC announcement, jobless claim and etc,
    4/the slippage for less than 5 contracts during active hours: 1 tick or 2 ticks?
    5/roll over dates
    6/the other basics need to know
  2. 3. Inventories every Wednesday 10:30 EST
    4. That sounds about right most of the time. More on breakouts. Insanely more near any report.
  3. Should we write the code for you too?
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    thank you guys. It seems CL very trendy, which may present some good risk/reward set ups.

    I already auto trade TF. I think I just need to adjust some parameters.
  5. Read both my trading journals and you will learn how to trade oil extremely profitably... :)