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  1. jesie


    im just started paper trading this using ema(30) and ema(100)

    is this a short entry?

    any suggestions on how to find tune a system? i know it's very very basic but i gotta start somewhere.
  2. In my case I use for short periods: ema(20) and ema(40)
    and for long periods: ema(100) and ema(200).

    The Pristine ESP is really good to find out patterns and you can use it for learning purposes, but I guess it´s quite expensive.
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  4. jesie


    wtf? I just started paper trading and the best feedback is this?
  5. Well, comes with the territory, you see.

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    Try a 3-8-4 macd, (Fast signal line) on top of a standard De Bortolli (that could be a fine wine company, don't quote me on it, or just use a normal MACD), throw some Bollinger bands on your chart, standard, and study years upon years worth of data, and trade it like you own it.

    You know what oscillator divergence is?
    Across many different markets.
    When you have done that, THEN complain this is all you get.
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    I get bullshit here. Why do I even bother.
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    1 Define the time frame you’re trading – specifically

    2 What are you trading – specifically… the trend (such as it is), pullbacks, breakouts, or a range

    3 Define S&R on that chart – if you can

    4 Also based on the chart you posted – what does a trade set up look like (from your view point) be very specific

    5 Do you have a trading plan and a journal
    Trading plan = what you are supposed to do
    Journal = what you actually did and why

    When the two match – you’ll be a trader, and not until

    BTW – try looking at that in a few different time frames simultaneously

    Fwiw here’s what I see…

    A jumbled mess – and personally I couldn’t trade that layout for crap…

    Sure I could sit here and say I would enter here, exit here, and reenter here blah… blah… blah… But that’s not being truthful

    That chart is too congested, and doesn’t contain enough useful/ tradable information – at least for me... You need to clean it up, and clear it up….

    Some additional thoughts

    If you’re going to get rattled by a few jabs – you will have hell trading when you go live

    And what the hell are you doing with a $330.00 dollar a share chart anyway – you serious about learning or not – and since you’re learning – why not learn on something you can/ will actually trade when you go live…

    Unless Acronym and AD are correct that is

    Btw – the questions I posed up top – rhetorical


  9. jesie


    U see U don't even get it, im not trading a stock, it's an index.
  10. jesie


    What and why is this thread blacklisted for spamming?

    Im not spamming.
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