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  1. So I am looking to sell a few spreads. I was wondering if someone could give some insight on these basic questions. I am using ToS.

    1) How much will I be called for? The new ask on the put contracts I sold or my loss on purchasing the stock and selling at the strike?

    2) Is it feasibly possible for the put options I sold to be assigned before expiration day? Again, I am selling puts, and there is not a lot of volume or OI on these contracts. Not sure if that makes any difference.

    Looking forward to your replies. I have been doing a lot of research and think that the next best step to take is to start small and put on a live trade.
  2. 1- For verticals, max loss is diff in strikes less premium received

    2- Early assignment is possible but unlikely unless deep ITM and no time prem remaining in short strike/ volume and OI makes no difference.
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    If you have the TOS platform, I'd recommend trading a few spreads in papermoney first just to get comfortable with the mechanics. Also, have a look at the following, which might answer more of your questions.

    The full answer to your questions depends on what kind of spread you enter. Short vertical spreads behave a little differently from long vertical spreads, which are also different from calendar spreads.