Basic programmable stock trading package

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bcavender, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Does a basic, programmable, stock trading package exist that I can implement my strategies on (and have at least 2 real time data sources it will work with) without going over $500?

    I've looked at a lot and most programmable packages have bunches of bell and whistles I don't need...and a price to match.

    I want to keep my trading seperate, so I don't need a package that sends orders.

    Simple and sweet...

    Thanks for your comments!!

  2. I use investorRT the details of which are at
    It should be just down your street. I also use wealth-lab but that is for serious system traders.

    Good luck
  3. $1500 is a bit more than I can layout now for RT.... but the package looks very well designed from my scan of the website.

    Wealth Lab Developer at $650 looks interesting. I'll have to try the 30 day drive.

    Thank you for your suggestions!

  4. Hello Bruce,

    I only pay $195 per quarter for investorRT but if you like it I think theres an annual lease for $600.

    Wealth-lab is a lot better for back testing but you need to learn pascal to use it. Its not a difficult language but it obviously needs some time to learn it. I think its probably worth the effort though.

    Good luck.
  5. Peugeot....
    Thanks for the reply....

    For my situation, I am looking for a term to use the sw for a min of 4-5 years. The cash flow for 16-20 quarters the lease goes $3120-$3900 while the perm real time license is $1495. So to go down this avenue I would think about leasing one qtr to see if it works...then plunge for the permanent if it works out.

    I guess the Engineer in me that has been spoiled by seeing the inexpensive, but very well done Medved QuoteTracker running on $15/mo real time data. Smooth, clean and tracks perfectly with my brokers rt quotes. The analysis that I want to do is relatively trivial with only two standard indicators. If Medved had a user accessable database and a basic scripting language, I would not be out looking for another package today.

    I just started studying Weath-Lab. Pretty impressive at first glance. I liked their script profitability ranking chart. I haven't done Pascal, but its only learning curve.

    There are two philosophies out there that I see on trading packages. One is to max the $$$ extraction from the trader...many times losing track of making the sw easy to use and reliable. The other is to make a quality product/support first and then make even more money because the market snaps it up. That's where I am looking to spend my $$$.


  6. Wealth-Lab is so great - just starting to get into it after being with TradeStation for many years. The $imulator (portfolio testing) is awesome. Hard to believe that TradeStation won't even have a portfolio testing feature in its next version either.