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  1. Just got Broadband (or the UKs 512Kbps standard version)! and was wondering what most people do for security when away from the screen?As the dsl modem is always on (and I understand a hacker can establish contact even when you've 'switched off' your internet connection?)what do you do?At the moment I pull out the modem's usb lead!Someone mentioned using Norton's 'block all traffic' button.How secure is this?I know I may be paranoid but it helps keep my other psychoses at bay.
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    I use an ADSL wireless Router, acts like a nice chunky firewall, the router assigns IP's to the computer(S) conenected to it. - also allows you to connec t multiple pc's to the web - wirelessly if desired ....and an X box for the lunchtime doldrums( saves you from getting into a position when you really shouldn't be ) :)

    Go get one (£100), best thing I've bought for a long time.

  3. i am coming to the conclusion that routers are the way to go.
  4. Saw a piece on CNN where their airplane was able to pick up wireless signals flying around the LA area. They got thousands and 30% were secure , the rest were not. The guy said that even though most homes had wireless routers they did not have the security features turned on, since most all brands have them off by default. Though I am not sure what to turn on , I am going to check this out today.
  5. I'm afraid I know nothing about the various types of router available.I've got a nasty feeling that wireless routers wouldn't work in England anyway.We seem to be the least Broadband enabled country in Europe -- seriously.So,apart from pulling the usb lead out of the socket,I'm vulnerable? Can a hacker send a signal through a dsl modem even if the pc is turned off?
  6. you don't have to get a "wireless" router.
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    ... no no no... I am in London UK... get yourself an ADSL router, safer than an ADSL modem and you can run multiple pc's off it, you dont need the wireless facility, I have it so I can take my Laptop into the garden and hear the sqwauk.... and No a hacker cannot get into your pc when its turned off!

    I recommend these link

    or not wireless link
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    You probably want to purchase a DSL/Cable Router and place it between your DSL modem and computer. It is wired using standard ethernet cable. You want a Router that includes a firewall; several companies offer these products at low cost including Linksys, SMC, etc.

    There are also Router versions available that allow you to have a wireless network in your home. You will also need to the PC that has a wireless card to support this. Unless you have some important reason to need wireless in your house; using a wireless connection for trading is not the way to go. Using a standard wired ethernet connection will insure you better quality in your service & connectivity.

    Other things to keep in mind, you want to add a good anti-virus program to your PC (McAfee, Symantec, etc.). You also want to install a program that finds "trojans" such as SpyBot search & Destroy or Lavasoft Adaware on your PC, and run is regularly to scan your PC.

    You do not want to install a "Personal Firewall" on your PC that is used for trading (assuming that your have a Router set-up). The Firewall SW on a PC does "stateful packet inspection" on every packet in & out of your PC that will slow down your datafeed and PC speed. If the PC is only used for browsing/email/etc. and not for real-time trading then using a SW firewall on your PC is ok.

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    Something like this, there are many different products and lots of rebates / deals. You will need an ethernet card for your pc also. The router goes between your ethernet card and the dsl modem. If you want to use another pc on this you would need another ethernet card in that pc also.
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    Best thing is to get a ADSL router with built in get basic safety just enabling a "Block All Traffic Originating From InterNet" rule will help a load, thusly only connections originating from you are allowed to send anything through it back to your machine. Not sure what you mean about the modem being always on even when youve switched off the connection.
    Block All Traffic will do as it says on the tin, but most likely block you from sending out also. ZoneAlarm has a similar option basically an "Emergency Handbrake" for your connection.

    The basic rules I have set up are like

    Allow anything sent from my computer to the net and back.
    Block everything originating anywhere else.

    You can get more sophisticated by selectivly allowing what is sent from your computer also but I dont go that far.

    Just make sure to keep checking Windows Update for patches etc too!
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