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  1. If there is a such thing, what are the "regular trading hours" for the bond futures? I see that the pit traded go from 7:20am-2pm CST and the electronic trade all hours except 4pm-7pm.
  2. BTW i'm talking about the ZN and ZB contracts (and pit traded counterparts TY and US).
  3. Also, I don't see much of a difference between ZN and ZB except that ZN is more heavily traded. Are they buddies in a sense, like the DJ & S&P? Any differences i've missed here?
  4. The regular trading hours for electronic is the same as for pit - 7:20am-2:pm CST. Outside of those, the volume gets thin.
  5. That's all there is to it :D
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    Those are the main trading hours. Trade Away.
  7. The US tends to move more than the TY. For instance, the latest move down resulted in about seven points for the US and five for the TY.
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    ZN - Electronic 10yr Notes
    ZB- Electronic 30year Bond

    US - Pit Traded 30 year Bond
    TY - Pit Traded 10 year Notes

    Today 4/23/2004 compare and contrast the early morning sell-off , after the Durable Goods order number was released between the Electronically traded ZB - 30 year Bond and US Pit traded 30 year Bond. The electronic market spiked down to 107 but the pit traded only to 107-16.

    No volume on the selloff on the ZB to 107 so more a function of pulled bids in front of the number than stops getting run.

    There are differences.

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