Bashing profitable traders..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PohPoh, May 23, 2007.

  1. Must make you feel good..
    I frequent another forum with an absolute genius grain trader who posts all, and he's not always right, but most of the time he is...
    he gets RAILED when he's wrong...just railed..

    People are such homos...
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    Actually if you are talking about the zero risk cheerleading morons here I don't think they qualify

    You did say successful right :p
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    While I agree with your sentiment, why the disparaging remark which just cheapens your message?

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    He's looking for a date :p
  5. O.P.

    Get used to it. In the world of poker their called "railbirds", you know just hang out in the cardrooms but really don't have any bank to REALLY play.

    Unfortunately the same goes here. Most of the members here seem to be college-aged that are "smarter" than the markets but don't have any cash or balls to trade it.

    These sites (trading sites in general) are only resources if you have the time to dig through them. Engaging in their "discussions" is only going to waste time or for many new (weaker) traders, warp their views and make them question their positions/methods.

    Take them for what they're worth, simple words posted on the Internet by anonymous folk. Hell the administrators themselves admit the site only exists for "entertainment" purposes. A spade is still just a spade, fortunately.

    Good Luck!
  6. oh, i don't give a fuck about 90% of the losers on this board. I'm VERY interested in those that provide valuable info or are consistently correct.

    While EqtTrdr is far from someone who posts anything of substance (I think he cuts and pastes his posts daily)'ve gotta give the guy kudos for posting VALUE - JUST BUY THE ES YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. He's sticking to what he believes in, and he's making more money than any of us if he's following his own advice.

    I've met some wonderful people/traders on internet forums...very smart..can teach you alot...
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    Is there a more "mature" forum elsewhere? I would love to have some substantive discussions.
  8. i hear ya on is a numbers game in that you won't be right all the time so when you are wrong minimize the losses, but novices don't realize risk assesment is a critical part of trading
  9. You're asking this in a thread started by a guy who complained people are "such homos"?
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    You mean thats not short for Homo Sapiens?
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