Baseball Tickets Affordable As Recession Hits Scalpers (Less Than 1/2 of face value)

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  1. Baseball Tickets Become Affordable Again As Recession Hits Scalpers

    By Alex Chasick, 5:06 PM on Fri May 29 2009

    Following up on yesterday's roundup of recession-related deals, here is an article from Forbes on how scalpers, season ticket holders, and teams themselves are cutting deals on baseball tickets, with below-cost tickets, BOGO deals, and cheap food.

    Even StubHub has some cheap tickets, with tickets to some Western and Central Division games going for less than half face value. Of course, if you're trying to go to a tiny, historic stadium like Wrigley or Fenway, you're not going to have much luck (although we've always been able to get into Fenway for relatively cheap by scanning craigslist the day of the game).

    Besides checking out these deals, we have two more tips for baseball fans looking to save money:

    Growing up in between the Red Sox, Yankees, and Mets, we were often unable to convince our families to go see any of these teams because of all the supplemental expenses like parking, food, and drinks (as a result, we caught quite a few Bridgeport Bluefish games). When we moved to DC, we were thrilled to learn that both the Orioles and Nationals let fans bring in their own food and (non-alcoholic) food and drink, which cuts down on costs significantly. We wonder how many other stadiums do this.

    Check out the minor or independent leagues. This is a good way to see up and coming players, current stars rehabbing from injuries, and has beens. We mentioned the Bridgeport Bluefish before: we watched them play the Long Island Ducks a few years ago and were amazed to see John Rocker on the mound.
  2. Yankees Stadium (both old and new) allowed this.

    One of the best pastrami sandwiches in NY is only a few blocks away (towards Grand Concourse). We amost always stop there before the game and take sandwiches in with us.
  3. Yankee Tavern?

    Is it as good as Katz's? I know the hype and all, but Katz's Pastrami is true to form amazing.
  4. any reports of the same phenomenon happening to concert tickets?
  5. One block up from Yankee tavern, same side of the street. It's a restaurant/deli with tinted glass, can't miss it.

    Take out orders are ready in 5 minutes. They even put your order into clear plastic bags so Yankee security doesn't hassle you at the gate.

    Not as good as Katz's (is anyone?), but it's a pretty darn good sandwich.