Baseball playoff and world series

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by brownsfan019, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. I guess not many baseball fans here since I didn't see a thread since the playoffs started, but how 'bout the Tribe!


    We have been wailing on Boston the last few games. I'm not a huge fan by any stretch, so just showing my support for our hometown Tribe and our trip to the World Series. Yes, Boston, you are done.

  2. Two of the smallest markets in the league....big yawn back east...but who cares...Rock on Rocktober...:D
  3. Is CLE a small baseball market? I wasn't sure how 'small' we are in baseball terms.
  4. only compared to NY or Bos...Indians have been around a loooong time :)
  5. dcvtss


    I hope the Indians win, would love to see Indians vs Rockies - screw New York and Boston. I'll pull for your hometown even though your Browns beat my Browns(Ravens) this year. We can still split though when they come through in November.
    Free the Birds! Be thankful you have an owner who wants to win.
  6. dcv - thanks for the support. If CC can get back to form, we should be ok.

    As for the Ravens, aka old Browns, it felt so good to smack them around. :D You have no idea what this town still feels towards the Ravens and in particular, Modell.