Base Salary at Momentum/Etrade?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by showtime23, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Just wondering if Momentum Securities (now Etrade Pro) offered or is offering a base salary along with the payout.
  2. Does anyone here trade through E-trade pro and if so what's their deal and any comments on them (god or bad) ?


  3. speedy


    Their NYSE executions suck. The orders go through Southwest and in most cases, you have to call tech support to cancel an order. That process can take 20 mins to get an out.

    Nasdaq executions are good and LSPD is very good but that's if you're on site. Remote connections go down a dozen times a day.
  4. Thanks for the info Speedy!

    Have you traded remote with them? Why does the connection go down so often and what can be done to prevent it? Would you say that its viable to trade remote with these guys (Nasdaq) if you are a very active trader 1 million plus shares per day given this system instability?


  5. a trader trading 1 million plus shares a day--interested in e*trade ?? yeah right !! ROFLMAO ! hehehehehehehehehehehe

    j a C k

  6. hey jay,

    a shill is a shill is a shill. what's the rent up there ? LMAO

  7. bmwstox


    I knew a guy who went there, ET will not pay you! In fact if you want to trade there you will have to put up at least $5,000. I think ET bought a shitty firm when they bought tradescape. They are going to end up losing money on this deal. Good thing the CEO took off with $80,000,000! I wonder if those shareholders enjoyed getting raped.

    :cool: - BMW
  8. I visited two of their offices and their trading floors only had a handful of traders. They are recruiting heavily but not attracting anyone.