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  1. anyone using them? care to comment on strengths & weaknesses?

    thks in advance
  2. Barclays has no own trading system.

    It offers Currenex.
    So the same like other big guys.
  3. Barclays does have its own system which is nothing to do with Currenex.

    I used it years ago when I was trading for someone else and an ex colleague still does. I seem to recall he likes it very much although think it goes quite wide over figures.
  4. Anyone else have any experience with BARX?

    Their pricing looks to be very similar to what Oanda does however BARX's EUR spread looks even smaller.

  5. I compared spreads with Oanda and they are much tighter during high volatility, during normal times, same spread of 0.9
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    Does anyone know what the commissions are for futures? I make an enquiry with BARX a few years ago but my net worth wasn't high enough at the time so the conversation didn't last very long.