Bartiromo's new home

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  1. I guess reading off a teleprompter is good money these days.
  2. Marrying a Steinberg doesn't hurt either...
  3. bro. she didnt pay for dick.....

    shes not married to a freakin garbageman...
  4. Daddy [Steinberg] was worth more than a billion before his brother took down Reliance. I assume there's some money hidden somewhere.
  5. The "Money Honey" trademark royalty?
  6. S2007S


    he has the hundred of millions, not her.

    and the "money honey" has got to stop, she isnt what she used to be. Shes boring just like the rest of the crew.
  7. She can afford it. CNBC is paying her at least a million a year just to get those juicy exclusive insider info from CEOs, top execs, etc.
  8. Blowing the guy from Citibank aboard his private jet would help you buy a 6.5mil house too.
  9. Remeber when she used to work the preopen on the floor and willingly be brushed and fondled several years ago?
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