Bartiromo: "I find that kind of stuff so exciting. I find it so sexy.”

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  1. Having weathered the Citigroup storm, Ms. Bartiromo said, she is free to pursue the thing she most loves to do: talk to business people about what is about to move the market.

    “I love this thing now called sovereign funds,” she said, meaning the large pools of capital amassed by governments in Asia and the Middle East, and managed by groups like Cutter Associates, an international investment firm. “I had the head of Cutter on and he said: ‘Look, we have $60 billion we want to put to work.’ I find that kind of stuff so exciting. I find it so sexy.”
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  3. Bartiromo is an old washed up fatty. She's not worth making threads about.
  4. Where's Rennick? He'd hit that stuff all day long.

    I would too (I got no class).

    But ONLY if you could get her to SHUT UP!

    Goshdarnit, that beeatch is annoying...
  5. but she still can give good heads.
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    Hence all those free rides in the Citigroup private Jet :D :D :D
  7. The Street's come bucket.
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    Seriously guys ... GROW UP.

  9. This Rennick guy sounds like my hero, he was on another thread talking about drinking Old Milwaukee. Anyone who drinks that can't be all bad. Plus some of us need some cushion for the pushin.

    Now here is the hottest Maria (Belluci).
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    Ahem...her name is Bellucci, Monica Bellucci with 2c. Since she is the love of my life, i will not tolerate any error, mistake or the like about her...:)
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