Bart Stupak... Lone Dem Who Could Kill Obama's HC Bill

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    Let's hope he sticks to his guns.

    We NEED health care reform... on many important points.

    We do NOT "need" Obama's Power Grab, party-exclusive, crafted behind closed doors, buying votes with taxpayer $$, bill.

    Personally, I'm hoping his Power Play fails, he suffers great disappointment and rejection.. that his "presidency" is distroyed.. and he becomes a total lame duck.

    His schtick is TOTALLY ANTI-AMERICAN... COMMUNIST-LIKE. We made a HUGE mistake when we got "had" into believing his campaign lies*, AND HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

    He didn't lie about EVERYTHING... he said, in so many words, he would "transform America into a Communist-like Social state"... but we turned a deaf ear because all half of us could hear was the promise of "free ice cream".

    If we can get rid of this asshole without being forever encumbered by HIS power grab bill (disguised as "healthcare reform"), we may have dodged the biggest bullet in the last 100 years of America's history.

    :mad: :mad:
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    Big badass Democrats, wow, they never stood up to the Insurance industry at all. Republicans could sieze the day if they put through a bill that would simply make insurers act like good citizens...
  3. Hold on, they may not even need to vote if this crazy rule goes through. Is this the open and honest deal Obama was talking about? It appears the Dems have lost their god damn minds.

    The twisted scheme by which Democratic leaders plan to bend the rules to ram President Obama’s massive health care legislation through Congress now has a name: the Slaughter Solution.

    The Slaughter Solution is a plan by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), the Democratic chair of the powerful House Rules Committee and a key ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), to get the health care legislation through the House without an actual vote on the Senate-passed health care bill. You see, Democratic leaders currently lack the votes needed to pass the Senate health care bill through the House. Under Slaughter’s scheme, Democratic leaders will overcome this problem by simply “deeming” the Senate bill passed in the House – without an actual vote by members of the House.

  4. I'm all for it. Repubs had 8 years to fix the situation and did nothing
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    KILL THE BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You miss the point. This rule is a clear violation of the constitution which states that all bills must have a Yea or Nay vote. Do you really want a congress that can just put anything in to law by simply deeming it so? It's nuts!!
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    The real problem we face is that the members on both sides of the aisle own the very companies whose profits will be squeezed by a more equitable healthcare system.
  8. Yes that's a problem, but it pales in comparison to the Democratic chair of the House Rules Committee suggesting what would be a clear violation of the constitution just to get this bill passed. I don't want any congress, Repub or Dem to have the power to simply deem bills in to law without a vote.
  9. The constitution has long been violated.The repubs only want to complain about it when things aren't going their way
  10. Looks like any means will justify the end. Just get what you want, damn it all. I guess if someone wants a new car they can just steal it. Want some money, rob a bank, kidnap someone, sell a kid to the sex slave's all OK. There are no laws, no rules, no nothing, just grab all you can. Simply wanting something is now enough to take it by any means required. A virtual free for all. Sweet!

    Washington – The battle for healthcare reform is shifting from open-field policy fights to the obscure trenches of procedural warfare, as House Democrats look to pass the Senate bill without a direct vote.

    It’s a procedure called a self-executing rule, and if it is used, the Senate healthcare reform bill will be "deemed" to have passed the House whenever the House passes a package of fixes to the Senate bill.

    Deeming is typically used as a convenience for issues that aren't controversial. But this week, “deem and pass” could also give members cover for the toughest and most historic vote of their careers.

    Asked to comment on Republican claims that Democrats are using procedural “gymnastics” to avoid accountability, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at a briefing on Monday: “It's about accountability of the insurance companies. It's about affordability for the middle class. It's about accessibility for many more people.”

    “It's not about gymnastics alone – except if that's part of the wellness program that we have for our children,” she added.
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