Barry's right on top of the leak.

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  1. BP’s CEO Hasn’t Spoken Directly With Obama About Leak

    By Brian Lysaght - June 6, 2010 07:32 EDT Email Share
    Share Business Exchange Twitter Delicious Digg Facebook LinkedIn Newsvine Propeller Yahoo! Buzz Print June 6 (Bloomberg) -- BP Plc Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward hasn’t spoken directly to President Barack Obama since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20.

    “There is no need for that,” Hayward told the British Broadcasting Corp. in a live interview in London today. “I have spoken to his key lieutenants.”

    BP and the Obama administration are working “hand-in- hand” to resolve the spill, he said.

    Hayward said he wouldn’t quit because of the oil spill and that BP has the financial strength to pay for the cleanup and to remain independent.

    “BP is a very strong company, its operations today are running extremely well,” he told the BBC’s Marr program. “It’s generating a lot of cash flow, it has a very strong balance sheet. Our reputation has been based on thousands of people, over a long period of time, in BP doing the right thing, and were are doing everything we can to do the right thing.

    “We are going to stop the leak. We’re going to clean up the oil, we’re going to remediate any environmental damage and we are going to return the Gulf coast to the position it was in prior to this event -- that’s an absolute commitment, we will be there long after the media has gone, making good on our promises.”
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    Isn't it cute when the suits get together and stroll hand in hand along the beach and watch the sunset! They probably wait for dark and then they cop a little feel!!
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    Wait, lemme get this straight, the President has not spoken to the head of BP?

    Oh My God.
  4. lol