Barry Soetoro - Barrack Obama Revealed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sg20, Oct 18, 2008.

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    For entertainment only - Obama's unknown past?

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  2. Why does Barry look so much darker in the picture in this video? Does anyone think he is wearing makeup to make himself look whiter for his Presidential bid? I do. And if you don't, go get some glasses.
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    I heard he secretly hired Michael Jackson as a consultant.

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  5. It's well known in the Senate that Barry eats a lot of beans that he doesn't digest well. McCain was downwind of the result.
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    What about this one ?
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  8. McCain was having a flashback. It must of been really bad for him don't you think?
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  10. This made me laugh. Do you think maybe one picture is when he had more sun. Not only white people skin change color in the sun.
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