Barry now owns Afghanistan

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  1. Barry was dealt a tough hand. First he inherited a war that he didn't start and didn't want. But his battlefield commander through his reckless words and deeds forced his own demise. Now that leaves Barry with taking charge of a new battle command structure in an isolated shit hole where American blood and expense flow.

    Barry has just been forced to inherit Bush's abortion. Sad day for America.
  2. Just another person to blame now for Obamas failure. A General that "didnt like him"
  3. Ricter


    This is your failure for not mustering enough opposition to Obama during the campaign.

    Lol, that seems rather weak, doesn't it?
  4. 377OHMS


    How is it Bush's abortion? Would you have had us leave Afghanistan alone after 9/11?

    You people are pathetic. Why don't you just lose the war already? It seems to be what you want, just withdraw.

    McChrystal was right, the President is a punk kid incapable of commanding the armed forces.
  5. fhl


    Obama said during his presidential campaign that afghanistan was the "right war".
  6. Don't confuse issues with facts, please.
  7. "If them critters would only come out from behind them rocks!":confused:
  8. Lucrum


    Barry was FORCED to run for POTUS?
  9. Obama owns everything that has happened since 1/20/09.

    Blaming Bush for crap is just another way of saying that Barry ain't smart enough to solve the problem.
  10. jem


    Obama was the one who designed the exit strategy.
    My guess is that the general wanted no part of it because it is failing.

    It was a wussy plan and the general took a wussy way out. Although perhaps "the stand up guy" way out would have put troops in harms way.
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