Barry Lind. R.I.P.

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  1. Barry Lind was a futures industry legend. The Lind of Lind-Waldock.

    Barry died in car accident last night.

    I sat on several committees with him including the first GLOBEX oversight committee. We sat next to each other despite not particularly seeing eye to eye on some topics. The one topic we were in agreement on was the transition from floor trading to screen. It was not a popular position to take back then.

    All traders who point and click and get executions in futures markets should visit:

    He did much of the heavy lifting that paved the way to electronic trading of futures.

  2. Sorry to hear. Thanks for the info. RIP

    Is Peter Borish still with you guys?

  3. Peter has not been with us for 8 years now.
  4. Peace. I have been in this industry too long maybe. I spoke to him a long time ago. He was a salesman, but seemed to be pretty honest about the industry, at a time when I was just looking into it.
  5. Whoa, time flies. Thanks! surf
  6. Borish developed "Ranger" which was well ahead of its time. Sorry to hear about Barry. RIP.
  7. Barry was my first boss, 44 years ago. I did technical analysis for him in the days when technology was considered the wielding of a sharp #2 pencil. Here I am more than four decades later still doing it but I have graduated to a pen. Barry was so driven and ambitious and operated out of a true passion for achievement. I feel fortunate to have worked so closely with him for that brief time. He was both down to earth and bigger than life, both in the marketplace and in ordinary goings on. He will be greatly missed.
  8. My first futures account way back in the day was with L_W. It was a sad day when L-W ceased to exist, and it is far far sadder to hear of Lind's passing.

    RIP, Mr. Lind, and my condolences to your wife and family.
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