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    at the foxnews watching, blame Clinton for this administration F'ups, call somebody a "Liberal" thinking its an insult,
    whiny and weak republicans.

    Barry, the only true Republican
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    What is a "True Republican"?

    In a previous thread, Senator Douglas said this:

    "This is a very dark time for true Republicans. There doesn't appear to be anyone on the horizon who can bring back the party like Reagan did in 1980. We insist on acting like Democrats in Washington and aiding their dirty work on immigration and losing the war in Iraq. We are in a free fall and show no signs of slowing. The only bright spot is the delay in debating the "Illegal Behavior Rewards Bill" until June. Keep those cards and letters going to DC folks, maybe they will listen for a change."

    This begs the question, "What is a "true Republican"? As far as I can see, it is the "true Republicans" that are to blame for the free fall of the GOP. After all, it was the "true Republicans" that were complicit in every government expanding scheme over the past seven years. Remember "No Child Left Behind"? It was passed by "true Republicans". And, wasn't it also "true Republicans" that decided to launch a full-frontal assault on privacy rights in America? Remember the USA Patriot Act? Remember the warrantless wiretapping? They were authorized by "true Republicans".

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it "true Republicans" who were responsible for one of the largest expansions of the Federal Government in U.S. history? Remember the creation of the Department of Homeland Security? Brought to you by "true Republicans". "True Republicans" are also to blame for six years of unbridled pork-barrel spending, the likes of which this country has never seen. "True Republicans" thought intervening in personal matters like the Terri Schaivo incident and the Major League Baseball steroids controversy was more important than intervening when a "true Republican" President expanded the powers of the executive branch to a level which the founding fathers would abhor. Dubai Ports-World Deal. Failure to secure the border. Both brought to you by "true Republicans".

    Perhaps Senator Douglas didn't mean to say "true Republicans". Because for a "true Republican", the days ahead couldn't be brighter. The government is probably going to expand. Illegal aliens will probably be given amnesty. The minimum wage will most likely increase. And the American taxpayer will continue to get the shaft. How is that any different from the last six years? "True Republicans" ought to be downright giddy.

    The Republicans got it wrong. They got it wrong when they started putting the party before ideology. They got it wrong when they stopped criticizing each other and stopped holding each other accountable. Sadly, Ronald Reagan is partly to blame. After all, wasn't his 11th Commandment something about not speaking badly about other Republicans? A lot of good that did the GOP. Conservatives, that is true Conservatives in the model of Barry Goldwater are no longer the majority in the Republican Party. The GOP is now wholly-owned by religious fundamentalists, hypocrites, and power-hungry politicians. These are your "true Republicans".

    Senator Douglas is right about one thing. There will be some dark days ahead. Sadly, the American people are the ones that have to face them. For the "true Republicans", it's just business as usual.

    Posted by Jace Walden on May 22, 2007
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    Why McCain Has Lost Our Vote

    Being Barry Goldwater's granddaughter and living in Arizona, one would assume that I would be voting for our state's senator, John McCain. I am still struck by certain 'dyed in the wool' Republicans who are on the fence this election, as it seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Myself, along with my siblings and a few cousins, will not be supporting the Republican presidential candidates this year. We believe strongly in what our grandfather stood for: honesty, integrity, and personal freedom, free from political maneuvering and fear tactics. I learned a lot about my grandfather while producing the documentary, Mr. Conservative Goldwater on Goldwater. Our generation of Goldwaters expects government to provide for constitutional protections. We reject the constant intrusion into our personal lives, along with other crucial policy issues of the McCain/Palin ticket.

    My grandfather (Paka) would never suggest denying a woman's right to choose. My grandmother co-founded Planned Parenthood in Arizona in the 1930's, a cause my grandfather supported. I'm not sure about how he would feel about marriage rights based on same-sex orientation. I think he would feel that love and respect for ones privacy is what matters most and not the intolerance and poor judgment displayed by McCain over the years. Paka respected our civil liberties and passed on the message that that we should conduct our lives standing up for the basic freedoms we hold so dear.

    For a while, there were several candidates who aligned themselves with the Goldwater version of Conservative thought. My grandfather had undying respect for the U.S. Constitution, and an understanding of its true meanings.

    There always have been a glimmer of hope that someday, someone would "race through the gate" full steam in Goldwater style. Unfortunately, this hasn't happened, and the Republican brand has been tarnished in a shameless effort to gain votes and appeal to the lowest emotion, fear. Nothing about McCain, except for maybe a uniform, compares to the same ideology of what Goldwater stood for as a politician. The McCain/Palin plan is to appear diverse and inclusive, using women and minorities to push an agenda that makes us all financially vulnerable, fearful, and less safe.

    When you see the candidate's in political ads, you can't help but be reminded of the 1964 presidential campaign of Johnson/Goldwater, the 'origin of spin', that twists the truth and obscures what really matters. Nothing about the Republican ticket offers the hope America needs to regain it's standing in the world, that's why we're going to support Barack Obama. I think that Obama has shown his ability and integrity.

    After the last eight years, there's a lot of clean up do. Roll up your sleeves, Senators Obama and Biden, and we Goldwaters will roll ours up with you.