Barry: "I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Made Enough Money"

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  1. Barry says: "Now, what we’re doing, I want to be clear, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that's fairly earned. "

    "I mean I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Made Enough Money"

    ...should Barry admit that at some point HE has SPENT enough money...

    ....Definitely seems to be 2 statements that are in complete contradiction with each other.

    I don't believe in begrudging success but I'm about to anyway.....
  2. Didn't click on the link but if Obama actually said this, it shows a bit of naivete
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  4. Made enough money....

    If true, that shows stupidity.

    It's all about % return. Who cares what a huge comapny like Exxon makes in dollars? We as traders and investors realize that what matters is %.

    SImple economics.
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    His "parents" seemed to have omitted American values from the left-wing indoctrination that was his youth.

    My taxes haven't really gone up yet but I feel like this huge wave of ripoff is coming. They are going to take our money and give it to poor people.

    I'm all for helping poor people but prefer to do it on a voluntary basis.
  6. Well we now have the President on record saying:

    1) At a certain point, you have made enough money; and

    2) We need to spread the wealth around.

    ....seems pretty clear to me what this dude is about....

    Government Greed is bad...

    Barry needs to stop being so greedy and taxing/spending so very much. Reign in Big Gubmint .........
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    What would be the ultimate strategy for ducking the whole thing?

    1) Work for the Federal Government

    2) Live in subsidized California, protected from high property tax

    3) Buy everything possible in nearby Arizona avoiding 10.25% sales tax

    4) Invest in a landmark home sold at the market bottom, adjust the tax assessed value downward to nearly nothing. Lock in an artificially low interest rate.

    5) Drive old restored muscle that is smog exempt and cheap to register but worth a fortune. List its value at $1000.00 for registration purposes.

    We've all got to do our part to make this Obama thing work (with rainbows, happy sunshine goodness and styrofoam greek columns).

    :D :D :D :D :D
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  9. whats missing is that if a person will do anything, anything to make more profits then it does become a question of how much is enough. its the difference between the regular joes adding to their worth with regular labor and a wall streeter creating bogus products to sell.
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