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    Has anyone had any experience with the Barry Burns trading course at I'm not a promoter, not a shill, do not know this person,and have no relationship with Barry Burns. I've only visited the website and looked at a few free videos. Would appreciate any info from someone who has taken the course. Thanks.

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    nobody has taken the course?

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    I'm looking it over as well. I did a BBB search for
    "Top Gun Trading" under California and didn't find
    anything. I did perform a couple GOOG searches,
    however, and his name (and picture) came up
    under some sort of advertisement video about
    how to make lots of money through MMM
    programs. See if you can find that.

    I do not regard this as encouraging, however.
    First, MMM spells S-C-A-M. Second, if he's
    devoted his life to pursue this passion of trading
    he got from his father, then how has he had
    time to pursue MMM too? Is his MMM product
    Top Gun Trading, which isn't really a product in
    the first place? Color me skeptical, but I'm
    interested in finding out if anyone else has
    experience to share, too.
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    In 2005 or 2006 he was teaching in Daytrader USA chat room Futures talk. Don't know if still there I took there free chat room trial.
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    Have just finnished Barry Burns's trading course,good stuff.
    Complete ,workable strategy for anyone who has'nt got one and should get it all back on track for the not so profitable among us.
    Best value for money I've come across in this game.
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    I'm doing the course at the moment and its good. There's a bit to take in but its easy enough to understand. I can't say if its worth it in the long term because I haven't traded it yet and I won't until after I practise it heaps and become totally familiar with it. Having said that I'm happy that I've taken it, its looking good and its making sense.
  9. These posts, from an obvious shill who just registered (1 post!! These are the same guy posting under two usernames) means stay away from this company/individual at all costs.
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    I have not taken the course either. I have, however, listened to the free five day seminar. It was absolutely great. Dr Barry is an excellent instructor. Presents his arguments in a very clear and concise manner. The cost of his complete course is not too expensive. I am just so low on discretionary spending at this time I cannot afford it. :)
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