barry bonds

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  1. another black man indicted by the "MAN".
    sports lynching is a popular game now.
    first oj, now barry.
  2. They should leave him alone. He'll be dead before he's fifty. That's punishment enough.

    His uniform size is up some 4 sizes, His shoe size, his fucking shoe size is up by some 3 sizes. But what really freaked me out what his hat size. He's gone up something like three hat sizes.

    Anybody remember Lyle Alzado?????????

    Tell him, we'll let you alone, put you in the hall of fame. For us, as you're wasting away like yesterday's vegetables, you go on TV like Yul Brenner did for smoking, or Mickey Mantle did for being an asshole, and tell all the kids don't do steroids, or this is the result. Deal?

    I don't think his life has turned out like he thought. He is a tragic figure.
  3. Is it a more popular game than creating new nicks and posting idiocy?
  4. You forgot to mention his testes are now the size of bb's.
  5. Funny. If it made your dick bigger, they'd be advertising it on tv where the couple are in those iron leg bathtubs looking at the sunset. I don't know what the deal is w/those bathtubs, but I guess if you get a hard on you're supposed to get in one, and mama supposed to get in the other. If you couldn't get a stiffey, and then you could, wouldn't you want to be in the same tub?
  6. why didn't he just plead the 5th like everybody else.. instead of perjuring himself.
  7. Because the roids have rotted his brain.
  8. The crawler on ESPN today had, his attitude and (shitty) personality brought this on. The could have left him alone, ala Giambi.